Getting back to fitness, Xen-Do Kickboxing style


Lockdown in London has felt like it was never going to end and we’ve all had very different experiences with our health and exercise routines during this unusual time. Those of us who may have nailed down early morning gym sessions before work ended up taking a year to recover, eat and get to know our dining tables (aka desks) very well, while others may have used their newly found time to try virtual workouts for the first time. Wherever you may be on your fitness journey, the reopening of London’s fitness world offers a brand-new opportunity for you to re-start (or amp up) your fitness goals and change your life.

At Xen-Do Martial Arts, our goal is to make your transition back to fitness easy and fun, wherever your personal starting point may be. Being a family run business open in London for 53 years – we’ve learned that what people need is something that gets you hooked and keeps you motivated, with a personal touch. We make it easy for you to reach your goals, and as our Founder and CEO Dai Master Rafael Nieto always says…’Just turn up and we’ll do the rest’. So, what are you waiting for?

Our dojos are owned by a father/son duo, Dai Master Rafael and Sensei Anthony Nieto, with a combined 80 years of experience in teaching and training martial arts. They lead a team of incredibly talented full-time instructors who fill each kickboxing class with adrenaline, enthusiasm, and most importantly, fun! Whether you join a private training session or a group class, our Senseis will be there to support you at every step of your journey.

Did you know that our member base consists of around 60% females? We’re not like any other martial arts studio and we expect everyone to leave their ego at the door and come in ready to learn and enjoy the journey. Instead of leaving with bruises and marks, you will leave feeling inspired, refreshed and confident in yourself. Xen-Do’s style of kickboxing and martial arts has evolved into a safe, effective and enjoyable activity for adults and children to improve physical and mental fitness. Xen-Do is diverse and welcomes students as young as 4 years old to come and train to be future champions.

So, whatever your reason may be to restart your fitness journey, here’s your sign to take that first step and jump right in! Why not book a free trial class now? You deserve it!

To find out more about Xen-Do Kickboxing Mayfair or to book your free class, click here or get in touch: +44 (0)207 493 2761 /



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