Xen-Do Self Defence London – Street Moves that work!

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“Kickboxing and Martial Arts techniques learnt in the Dojo don’t always work on the street,” says Dai Master Raf, founder of Xen-Do London. “On the street you will be faced with the element of surprise and the adrenaline rush that needs to be coped with itself”

“At our three London Kickboxing and Martial Arts Clubs we teach our students how to react when faced with an attack and they practice these moves so that they can be performed powerfully and intuitively in a real situation.

“In our first clip, Xen-Do student Louise demonstrates what to do if you are attacked from behind.”

Xen-Do offer a ‘hybrid’ training system that delivers chart topping exercise, progress in martial arts and a great feeling of self confidence in a one hour lesson, sign up for a FREE trial now.

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