Xen-Do at Home

We want to keep connected with everyone while we are away from the dojo. Most of us would spend a couple of days a week in the dojo perfecting combinations, learning to spar and joking with our Senseis, so now we want to know how you are filling the time. Just because we are home doesn’t mean we have to be ‘bored in the house, in the house bored’. Our Senseis have been keeping busy, let’s have a sneak peek at what they’ve been up to!

Whilst we’ve been away from the dojo some of our Senseis have been putting their cooking skills to the test.

Sensei Kuba has been getting back to what he does best (second to a very impressive side slip punch) and been smashing it in the kitchen. He has been testing out new bread recipes perfecting his bakery skills, his latest is a new loaf of bread from spelt flour and it looks delicious. He is also a master of the blade showing talent between his knife and a bunch of dill/parsley. Meanwhile Sensei Lauren is spending quality time with her mum during isolation baking delicious treats together. Before flour became like gold dust Sensei Lauren made banana bread, flapjacks, brownies and apple crumble, showing that her talents aren’t just in the dojo. It is good to keep active whilst in isolation learning new skills and taking up new hobbies to keep your mind and body active!

This is definitely not the norm and most of us are out of our routine, so it is more important now than ever to keep busy and connect. Make sure you stay in touch, be social (within social distancing guidelines) find ways to bond with the family you live with and flatmates, new hobbies, Xen-Do virtual training, puzzles. For the people we want to be near jump on the virtual quiz night bandwagon, or Facetime/Skype, or go old school and write a letter until we can all be together again!

Sensei Joe and his dog montage

Sensei Joe has spent last week bonding with an important member of his family enjoying the garden before the weather took a turn. Joe and Dexter have been lounging in the garden before they both put on their Xen-Do gear and go for their daily exercise!

Let us know with a picture or video what you’ve been up to while away from the dojo, how have you been keeping busy? Who are you spending your time with? How are you keeping Xen-Do in your routine? We want to still be a part of your daily/weekly lives like before until we are able to get back into our lessons!

Keep in touch with our newsletters for a sneak peek at what Senseis are doing at home, for membership updates, and for more information. We hope you are all doing well and hopefully it won’t be much longer before we can all be back together!

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