Another Week Away from the Dojo

Another week away from the dojo which means another week in elasticated bottoms or pyjamas because we know as long as our top half is presentable in the zoom meeting then it doesn’t matter what is on the bottom.

We had our routine, going to work and knowing what day it was, meeting up with friends and smashing pads in the dojo to keep ourselves active and having fun. This is a weird situation we are now in but Xen-Do knows our students are resilient, strong and determined, making the most of this time, so that when the dojo opens its doors again, we will be ready!

We all miss being in our lessons, learning our next combination and doing our best to be as graceful as the Sensei that is demonstrating. We miss seeing our students and hearing about how your week is going. There is something quite addictive about entering the dojo knowing what’s to come, how your adrenaline will soon be high, Senseis shouting while we try to hold plank, and leave the class feeling exhausted, sweaty and brilliant! We use the online training to gain a bit of normality and keep the friendly faces in our front room. We all hope this will be over soon and we get to tie our belts again, head into the dojo (knowing some of us are slightly heavier than when we left) to get the buzz of our first-class back.

Week Away from the Dojo

Before we used to go to the dojo for many reasons, some to get shouted at by Senseis for the motivation that we struggle to keep up ourselves, others to release the tension of a stressful day at work, and lots to learn a new skill and feel good about ourselves! All perfectly good reasons and along the way we’ve made friends, have gotten fit and progressed from yellow/white to red to black, every stage as important as the last.

Once lockdown is over, we may be going in for different reasons; the obvious one that we miss you! We love being in the dojo for every reason stated and more! However, since lockdown we know there might be a few others, some of us can’t wait to come to lose the weight we may have put on through binge watching every series and movie Netflix had to offer with our hand in a bag of crisps. We already need the pads and bags to relieve the tension of never-ending home schooling, as we punch and kick the stress away, we will appreciate every teacher teaching our children more and more. Another reason is to get back to our happy place! A place without zoom and quiz nights, somewhere that you won’t find your family and roommates but will find an instructor in a Gi and black belt! Whatever the reason may be, Xen-Do will be there. We cannot wait to see all of you once the doors open again and hear your reason for being back. We hope you all are happy and well and we hope to see you soon!


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