Why You Should Get a Skipping Rope

Working out from home is now one of the only ways to get in your essential exercise. There is are magnitude of options and workouts out there for you try, but today we’ll be talking about one of the most intense and least complicated home workouts there is, skipping ropes.

If you don’t already have one, skipping/jump ropes can be picked up for under £5 from multiple online stores and it is definitely worth the investment.

1: Intense Cardio
Skipping is an exceptionally full on workout. One hour of skipping burns around 1000 calories, a similar number of calories to our signature kickboxing sessions.

2: Improves Footwork
It is no news to anyone that skipping is an essential tool for any boxer. While cardio is one aspect of the benefits that provides, another is footwork. Once you feel comfortable with basic skipping, try out the Boxer’s Skip, this style mimics the footwork used during a fight. While jumping, they slightly shift their weight from one foot to another with each jump. Meaning, they don’t distribute the weight equally on two feet, but are constantly transferring the pressure from one to another.

3: Speed and Power
As if cardio and footwork wasn’t enough, skipping dramatically improves your speed intensity and the explosive power of your legs. The pace in which you can move your feet will quickly increase the more you skip, allowing you act at a higher speed; at the same time, this is building your leg muscles significantly, providing you with far greater explosive leg power. Explosive leg power is everything in kickboxing, it is not just your kicks that require strong legs, but your punches as well, everything comes from your legs.

We’ve found skipping to be a fantastic workout alternative. If you pick it up, make sure to send us over videos of you skipping in Xen-Do gear!


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