Xen-Do Virtual Training

Xen-Do is excited to announce that we have partnered with Mugendo to bring kickboxing into your homes during this time. We have created a way for you to keep fighting fit but to also try and keep routine while we are away from the dojos. We have released a series of videos addressed to all ages and skillsets, bringing endorphins, adrenaline, and martial arts to wherever you are.

Our new website: will offer a large variety of signature Xen-Do instructor videos, with regular new videos uploaded weekly! Our virtual classes are mainly focused on cardio while using techniques from our curriculum, so that anyone and everyone can join in. With the click of a button you can have your high intensity workout at home! We understand that your front room isn’t the dojo but together we can still bring the same energy and level of fun during this period away from the clubs.

In order to help make this possible, we have partnered with our Spanish counterparts at Mugendo Martial Arts. For any of you that aren’t familiar, Mugendo have been part of Xen-Do’s history for quite some time now. Dai Master Rafael Nieto first met Master Ricardo Gress at the 1985 WAKO World Championship in Venice, where he won the gold medal fighting in the under 63.5kg category. In 1988, Master Ricardo came to London to train alongside Master Raf with Sensei Suzuki. In 2001 Master Raf created the first Xen-Do/Mugendo in London, since then he travels regularly to Spain to share his knowledge with the other instructors and share ideas with fellow Sensei and good friend Master Ricardo. Every year (not including those with world wide pandemics) the two schools join together in Barcelona to compete together in the Spanish Open. The tournament weekend is a testament to both Master Rafael and Master Ricardo, as a friendship over a shared interest in this skilled sport has transformed into two martial art schools coming together to produce outstanding instructors and students following a similar strict curriculum to train champions.

We hope you enjoy what we have put together! Keep us involved by still sending videos and photos of your very own personal class at home, we want to see your progress and would love to see you still training!


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