Why choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body! Part three

choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body
Sensei Anthony hitting the pads, a great way to improve your cardio while having fun and releasing stress.

choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body

Sharing his experience gained in over 100,000 hours of exercise and training Dai Master Rafael Nieto, founder of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London looks at the importance of cardio training and dispels the myth about lengthy sessions producing the best results.

“There is no question that cardio exercise is vital to achieving a great body – cardio drives everything else” says Dai Master Raf, “it’s how you develop your cardio capacity and stamina that counts. Most people over exercise for too long, this means that the return on the effort spent diminishes and that could mean up to half of the session is ineffective. Potentially this also has a negative impact on joints and muscles that have been stressed in order to perform the cardio workout!”

“This is another reason why Kickboxing and Martial Arts is such a fantastic form of whole body exercise,” continues Dai Master Raf, ”by synchronising breathing and physical movement we are continuously pushing the boundaries and stretching lung and muscle capacity, if you watch Xen-Do students in action in the dojo you will hear them ‘shouting’ with every move – that is not aggression – it is to control their breathing and achieve that virtuous circle where energy spent is supported by cardio intake. When both cardio and strength develop in tandem you have a near perfect form of whole body exercise.”

No matter how effective your exercise today you won’t achieve and maintain a great body if you don’t keep it up as a lifelong habit and this is where Xen-Do’s Dai Master Raf is adamant that Kickboxing and Martial Arts performed the Xen-Do way keeps you ‘fit for life’ at every stage.

“Firstly, by joining Xen-Do you join a community of like minded people supported by Xen-Do’s World Class instructors” explains Dai Master Raf. “Xen-Do students progress together, forming new friendships and I would argue that this keeps them exercising more effectively and for longer than had they joined a Gym.

“Secondly the Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts curriculum is highly developed into a hybrid training system that provides a chart topping workout in no more than a one hour session – this means it is easy to maintain your exercise routine within a busy lifestyle.

“Thirdly Xen-Do students find they progress rapidly with noticeable results both outwardly as body shape and fitness improve and inwardly as there is a greater experience of motivation and well being.

That is not to forget the sense of achievement when Xen-Do students grade and are awarded their next level belt!”

Follow Dai Master Raf in part four as he focuses on burning the flab.

Choosing what form of exercise is best for you is an important decision, why not book a FREE Xen-Do trial lesson and experience Dai Master Raf’s training approach for yourself?

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