When Ambition Exceeds Ability

The scene was 24 years ago in 1992, and Dai Master Rafael Nieto, (Founder of Xen-Do Martial Arts & Kickboxing) had just lost in the final of the 1992 WAKO European championships in a hard fought contested battle and had overheard his coaches’ girlfriend comment,

“His ambition exceeds his ability” she said.

To which Dai Master Rafael replied, “I am glad that is the case because without ambition, ability is pointless.”

Two years later and Dai Master Rafael Nieto returned, winning the WAKO Championships 1994 Venice, under 63.5 kilos category for Team Great Britain. His ambition forced and enabled him to push past every expectation and win this championship fight.

At Xen-Do Martial Arts, you have the opportunity to train with real champions, possessing over 30 years worth of experience in martial arts and kickboxing. We teach a better way of life both physically and mentally, which will improve your everyday life.

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