Sensei Focus: Karla

Sensei Karla

Sensei Karla as the students at our Baker Street dojo will know gives a terrifically tough class. She is a friend to all and happy to help anyone that comes to the dojo, but she does not hold back in her classes until sweat is on your brow.

She was born and raised in the Philippines until her and her family made the move to England at 11 years old to join her mother. It was a new adventure for her and her family from the small village they grew up in, to this big bustling city. Sensei Karla has always been family orientated and we congratulate her on recently marrying her childhood sweetheart with whom she shares a wonderful daughter with.

Though Sensei Karla’s personal life is a happily ever after she has had her own trouble and strife in early years, however, something that has been consistent in Karla’s life was martial arts. Falling into the cliché Karla was first introduced to the sort through watching Bruce Lee films as a child, this is what sparked her love for Martial Arts. Xen-Do came into Karla’s life in 2017 after speaking to a friend. She trained with Master Raf at Baker Street and never looked back. She trains hard every day, gives 100% when taking her classes and is a perfectionist when it comes to doing personal & private classes with students. Martial Arts gave Sensei Karla the confidence she lacked in her earlier years. This is one of the reasons she believes it is important for both children and adults to divulge into Xen-Do and find a hidden passion, a skill and a community.

Xen-Do has embraced Karla whole heartedly sharing her values towards people and family. With being a young working mum Karla has brought her daughter to work on the occasion to hopefully follow in her footsteps and find her love for kickboxing too. Do we have a mini Sensei Karla in the making?!

For the future, you can expect to see big things from Sensei Karla. She will be doing what she does best; training and teaching classes in our new Mayfair dojo. Xen-Do history will also be made this year with Sensei Karla being the first woman to compete in tournaments representing Xen-Do.

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