6 Benefits of Attending Xen-Do Martial Arts

Benefits of Attending Xen-Do Martial Arts

Our motto may be ‘Fit for Life’ but there’s more than one benefits of attending Xen-Do Martial Arts.

1: Community
Here at Xen-Do we focus strongly on building a sense of community. Nothing builds bounds faster than sweating to exhaustion on the dojo floor with the people around you. When you train, you train together, and at the end of each class you get to share your accomplishment with everyone around you.

2: Flexibility
You could have the most powerful kicks in the world but they wouldn’t be much good if you weren’t flexible. We have an emphasis on flexibility here at Xen-Do and each class will build your ability to lengthen and stretch the muscles which in turn will help prevent injury, build balance and get those kicks super high.

3: Confidence
Martial arts isn’t just a workout, it builds you up as a person. You’ll soon find yourself standing taller and walking with purpose. When you train to deal with confrontation it builds your confidence in all aspects of life and although you may never encounter the confrontation you are trained to deal with, the confidence you gain from the training will shine through all aspects of your life.

4: Mental State
Although the main act of martial arts is a heavy physical workout, from it comes an emphasis on mental health. The meditative nature of martial arts allows for a focus on breathing, respect, honor, and perseverance that we carry with us throughout our daily lives.

5: Self Defence
It goes without saying that when you learn martial arts you’re learning self-defence. Here at Xen-Do, you get the opportunity to learn self-defense from World and European champions, some of the best in the business.

6: Fitness
Finally, of course, when you come and train at Xen-Do, you get in a killer workout. Each session with us will burn around 1000 calories. These workouts aren’t just calorie-depleting but also full body, giving you a well-rounded workout that hits all the muscle groups of your body.

Happy training!

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