Prevention, Confrontation and Escape: Self-Defence Tips from Master Raf


First, remember that prevention is the best self-defence. Attackers, whatever their objectives, are looking for unsuspecting, vulnerable targets. So be sure to follow universal safety tips to avoid being the “type” of person to get attacked. Some important tips are: be aware of your surroundings, only walk and park in well-lit areas, keep your keys in hand as you approach your door or car, vary your route and times of travel whenever possible and always look strong and confident (even if you have to fake it).

If you take these precautions and a situation still arises, attempt to defuse it (talk someone down from physically assaulting you) or get away—by handing over your wallet/purse or whatever they want. Hand over your money rather than fight. Nothing you own is worth more than your life or your safety.

If violence is unavoidable, then you will need to know ahead of time how to effectively fight back and defend yourself. It is possible, even against someone bigger or stronger than you, to get out of a bad situation. Here are some basic self-defence rules that can help keep you safe:

Use your voice as your first defence. As soon as the attacker touches you or it is clear that escape is not possible, shout loudly (“BACK OFF!”) and push back at them. This does two things: it signals for help and it lets the attacker know you’re not an easy target.

Your next line of defence is your basic knowledge of the human body and how to use this to your advantage. You will only have a few seconds and a few movements before the fate of your fight is decided. Before an attacker has gained full control of you, you must do everything you can—while conserving as much energy as possible—to inflict enough injury so you can get away. (This is no time to be civil. In a physical confrontation it calls for self-defence, it’s hurt or be hurt.) So aim for the parts of the body where you can do the most damage: eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knees, and legs. Pick your poison, strategically hit it with every ounce of strength that you have, and then RUN. Get out of the situation and get help as quickly as you can.

The best tips that I can give to you is to take simple precautions to make sure that you are not an easy target, and be prepared if you ever become the object of this destruction. Use what you already know and always be eager to learn more self-defence tips. Stay tuned for more…


Master Rafael Nieto

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