Mum’s the word at Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London

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Mum’s the word at Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London

Xen-Do children’s classes are thriving, with more mums joining in, Xen-Do’s Sensei Jody, herself a student and a mum looks at the reasons behind this.

“From a mothers angle, probably the most important thing that Xen-do offers is flexibility in how you choose to train, whether it’s once a week, six times a week, one to one classes or sparring; there are options to find what suits your lifestyle best.

Many mums will choose to have a class in the daytime when their children are at school or nursery and because Xen-Do have three London dojos with extensive opening hours it’s possible to attend or arrange a class at basically any time.

When choosing a Martial Arts School be sure to check this out as unlike Xen-Do, most martial arts schools only offer evening classes on certain days.

Another benefit for stay at home mums in particular, is the social aspect of being part of a club such as Xen-Do. Regular training gives mum’s a reason to leave the house and offers them structure, routine, adult conversation and some ‘me time’. This could also be said for people that work from home.

At Xen-Do there are many parents that train with their children. Either in the same class if the children are older, or in separate adult classes. Either way it’s a great bonding opportunity to learn something new together, where both the parent and the child get equal benefits from the experience.

One obvious benefit for new mums is Xen-Do can give them the opportunity to lose their ‘baby weight’ and tone up after giving birth”.

At Xen-Do we claim to offer the first ‘Hybrid’ training combining fitness, self defence and martial arts in a powerful and efficient one hour session. This is easy to integrate into busy lifestyles. As Jody explains Xen-Do is great for stress relief.

“A Xen-Do class offers a great and fun way to release stress. Whether it’s been a difficult day in the office or a challenging day at home with children, nothing takes your mind away from it all than a session at Xen-Do involving an intense fitness workout, learning new Martial Arts techniques and the confidence that knowing I am safer on the streets brings.

An instructor will demand your full attention in a class, which combined with the concentration needed to learn new moves and kickboxing techniques means there is little opportunity for the mind to wonder. Even after training for ten years, not a single stray thought enters my mind during a class.

Finally, no matter what a person’s ability, with commitment and regular training it is possible for anyone to reach a black belt. This is a real achievement and great goal to aim for. Not to mention it looks good on a CV – something interesting to add to the hobbies section”.

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