New Curriculum and Belt Grading System for 2015

Belt Grading

Founder of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London, Dai Master Rafael Nieto believes in continual progress – introducing Xen-Do’s new Curriculum and Belt Grading system he says:

“I have analysed every move in the Xen-Do curriculum and removed all superfluous steps to create a distilled system that is simple but certainly not undemanding or easily overcome by an opponent.

Xen-Do’s Kickboxing and Martial Arts System is probably now the most efficient and beautiful anywhere. Students focus their energy on techniques that they learn fast and in turn this allows them to spend time performing them correctly and benefitting from a chart topping exercise routine at the same time.

This means that in a one hour Xen-Do training session our students combine a full body workout with rapid progress in Kickboxing and Martial Arts in a safe and fun environment.”

Visit our Belt Grading page for more information.

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