Fit for Life in 2015 – Make the most of spring – Part two: Keep up your healthy diet

Keep up your healthy diet

Spring is here so we can start to enjoy longer days and anticipate warmer weather. In this month’s series, Louise O’Driscoll, Xen-Do’s affiliated Holistic Health Coach, gives us some top tips and suggestions for making the most of the change in the seasons.

Whilst ideally we would all eat tons of green veg, in practice this doesn’t always happen. The next best thing is to have a green smoothie once a day to provide your body with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and pro-biotics. Try it for a week and feel the difference it makes to your energy levels and skin and most importantly the benefits you will feel in the dojo as you get more out of your Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts lessons.

Also packed with anti-oxidants, green tea is a little miracle of nature and it is well worth cultivating a taste for it as a replacement for some of your regular teas or coffees. If you find plain green tea too bitter, try flavoured ones, or start with white tea, which has a milder flavour, more antioxidants and less caffeine. Sensei Anthony Nieto agrees,

‘I am a convert to green tea and now choose this rather than coffee.’

Senseis Diab and Anthony say cheers to green tea.

Swap your biscuit or chocolate snack for one with raw nuts to satisfy hunger and boost your intake of Essential Fatty Acids and get a hit of protein. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh measured the blood levels of omega-3 fats (a reliable indicator of consumption) of 106 healthy adults and gave them psychological tests. Those with the highest omega-3 blood levels scored 49 to 58% better on the tests than those with the lowest blood levels.

Raw nuts are easy to keep on hand, or if you crave some sweetness, spread almond butter on two apple halves – a delicious snack that will keep you energised and satisfied until your next meal. Omega 3 and EFA’s are also essential for maintaining joint mobility, so you’ll feel the difference not just when you are doing the crossword but also in your roundhouse kicks and other techniques, essential for the upcoming Xen-Do Gradings!

Follow Louise in part three when she looks at ‘Spring cleaning’.

Louise O’Driscoll is a health coach and Certified Eating Psychology Coach at Natural Balance Coaching. She offers a free initial consultation and discounted rates to Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts students so if you feel you could benefit from some personalised guidance on making positive healthy changes in your diet or lifestyle, drop her an email to arrange a chat!

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