Kickboxing Classes For All Ages


Little Champs, Junior Champs, teenager classes, and adult classes. It’s no secret that Xen-Do aims to provide classes to people of all ages that want to get fit, keep fit, and learn how to defend themselves along the way.

We place a lot of emphasis on getting kids involved at an early age. But that is not to say that martial arts is a discipline for the young. Exercise plays a very important part in staying healthy whilst getting older and it is fundamental in slowing the ageing process as the years pass. That is why we think that our kickboxing classes are the perfect way to stay young whatever your age.

Master Raf has this to say:

You are never too old to become a kickboxer. Improved fitness and flexibility is the key to a healthy life and that only becomes more important as we get older. Our motto here at Xen-do is fit for life. And life doesn’t stop at 50. In fact, come and try our classes and you might just find out that life could just start at 50!

Studies have shown that regular exercise and building muscle as you reach advancing years is fundamental to staying healthy for longer. It also helps to stave off serious illness up to seven times more than those of a similar age who are not exercising. Couple that with the improved flexibility kickboxing gives you and you’ll be telling us that our classes are the elixir of life in no time.

It is never too late to start so if you have always wanted to try your hand at kickboxing and martial arts but think you’ve missed the boat, think again. We have students aged well into their sixties and our dojos wouldn’t be the same without them! Our instructors are equipped to deal with your physical needs and get the most out of you, whatever your limits may be. So no matter your age, the time is right to begin your journey to black-belt.

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