Introducing Xen-Do to Millennials

We are becoming a generation glued to technology, we are too busy checking our phones to make conversation. The same now applies to our healthy lifestyles, we are concentrating on taking pictures of crushed avocados and smoothies, putting our earphones in and blocking out the world. Scrolling our home pages is becoming our form of exercise!

Xen-Do does NOT let that happen as we pride ourselves on our sense of community! Leaving your hectic days, unanswered emails and phone calls at the door, we come together bonding over combinations and unite as we hold plank position. It’s about communicating with people, making friends while learning the art of kickboxing. Being able to share banter with your Sensei and comparing spinning kicks while refining techniques. Padding people in your class and helping each other to get better! You can be proud of the dojo, become familiar with your Senseis and make Xen-Do a part of your day … because we want to be!!

Why not become the people you’re double tapping, achieve your belt in grading week and #Xen-Do, or pad with your favourite Sensei – uploading it to @xendomartialarts. Anyone and everyone is welcome! We have a class to suit you and we look forward to meeting you! So why not book in for a FREE trial class today?

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