How to tie your Hand Wraps

If you haven’t already seen our “How to tie your Hands Wraps” video then here it is again on our YouTube channel if you missed it. There is no right or wrong way how to wrap your wrists, but our video provides a guideline if you’re new to hand wrapping. It’s important to wrap your hands in whatever way provides the most support for you personally. So in some cases it could be more emphasis on your wrist or in other cases more wrapping over your knuckle.

Wrist Wraps are a fairly cheap accessory, and are pretty vital for kickboxers who train regularly. They provide crucial support necessary for your hands, preventing long term damage often affecting your wrists, as well as providing more comfort for your hands when you wear your boxing gloves.

If you haven’t got a pair, you can purchase official Xen-Do wrist wraps at any of our martial arts clubs.

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By Chris Kyriacou

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