Fall back into Fitness!

Fall back into Fitness

Fall Back Into Fitness

The autumn season is now upon us. The leaves are changing, the grind of boundless school and work is back and the end of summer blues have hit. Sunny skies are soon to leave us and our summer bodies are to be wrapped up for another year. For some, the season change, and colder weather is an excuse to stay inside with your pumpkin-spiced lattes and wholesome stews. Here at Xen-Do, we like to view things a little differently. For us, there is something about autumn that marks new beginnings. The care-free fun of summer is over and it is time to put in some hard graft. The nip in the autumn air inspires the need to strive for new goals, new progress, and newfound intentions. Make yourself one of those people. Exercise does not have to stop with the turn of the weather and a simple walk in a London park to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful canopy of autumnal brown leaves can be the best way to decipher what this year’s workout routine will be.

Of course, should your walk lead you to one of our dojos, all the better! Regular and high-intensity training (a la Xen-Do kickboxing and martial arts) helps support your immune system during the colder months. An improved cardiovascular system aids the flow of blood and antibodies around the body which, in turn, helps to stave off illness. As if that wasn’t enough, keeping up with exercise throughout the year maintains a healthy physique. Extra dumplings in your stew are bound to slow you down and a regular kickboxing class is the best way to stay fit for life!

Remember: he who chops the wood, warms themselves twice! (We aren’t completely sure how that metaphor fits here [other than literally] but it seemed to fit.

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