In class tips from Sensei Levon

Here are a few tips from Sensei Levon on how to get the most out of your class – both mentally and physically. It is important to make the time in your busy schedules to really embrace and enjoy each and every class. Happy training everyone!

Do not be late to class! It sets the premise for the whole lesson. It is much better to start the class relaxed and ready when the Sensei says to line up as the class begins. My suggestion is to arrive 15 minutes early, it gives you time to stretch and make sure you have your boots and gloves on and that your belt is tied correctly. It also gives you a chance to connect with the other students and Senseis to get a feel of the community that you just walked into.

It is important to stretch before and after your class as it helps prevent any injuries and is a great cool down after your lesson. Mentally, stretching gives you the time after a tough class to evaluate your lesson and think through what you need to work on, what you are starting to ace, and how your body is feeling.

tips from Sensei Levon

The key to having a good class is to just relax. It’s not about who can punch the hardest. We want you to have fun! Focus in your lessons on timing and precision, then work to add speed and power. In the classes you are taught combinations – these are put in place to help with accuracy to then use in pad work. We are teaching you a skill, not to fight, so it’s best to remember this is a marathon not a sprint.

What I love about training; I am able to let go. When I am padding with someone I am not thinking about anything except my next movement. I have been competing and training from a young age. Similar to Sensei Anthony, it is something I was able to share with my father growing up. When I put my gloves on I travel to my ‘happy place’ and I’m able to escape my reality. Come try a class with me and I’ll show you what I mean.

Sensei Levon

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