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Instructor Sensei Levon Sargsyan biography image

Sensei Levon Sargsyan

2nd Dan

The Xen-Do team is as multi-cultural and international as they come, and Sensei Levon adds the Armenian element to the team. He has lived most of his life in Armenia, but also spent 4 years living in Los Angeles and London is his latest adventure.

Sensei Levon moved to London in March 2017 and is thoroughly enjoying exploring the city. Currently his favourite spots to visit are Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Clearly he loves being a tourist!

When he is not visiting the sites, Sensei Levon spends all his time in the dojo and has a vast and ranging experience of Martial Arts including Muay Thai MMA and K1 Kickboxing. His experience also stretches across different countries and even continents having competed in Armenia, Spain, Italy, America, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom. Using his extensive background in Martial Arts and continuous training at Xen-Do, he has recently received his black belt.

On joining the Xen-Do team, Sensei Levon had this to say:

"I’ve seen lots of different Martial Arts styles in lots of different countries and Xen-Do is a style that really excites me. Beyond that it seems like a really great team to be a part of and learn a new style of Kickboxing and keep fit."

Levon Sargsyan

Sensei Levon’s third love (when he is not practicing Martial Arts or sight-seeing) is football.

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