Check out where Xen-Do has been this summer AND the benefits of taking that holiday!

Xen-Do on Holiday

Take Xen-Do on Holiday

Today concludes our Take Xen-Do on Holiday competition and we would like to thank all our students that took part and sent us photos of themselves in various parts of the world wearing their Xen-Do kit. We have been astounded by the distance that Xen-Do has travelled this past couple of months. We have reached as far as Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Rome and even Machu Picchu.

The lucky winners of limited edition Xen-Do hoodies goes to…
David Moriarty, Maier Kesselman, and Jhen!!

Xen-Do travelled around the globe with these three winners, from Morocco, Mexico and Canada all the way to kicking down the Tower of Pisa in Italy. Good job to everyone who has entered!

Xen-Do on Holiday

As well as enjoying seeing you all jet-setting across the world, we were also pleased to see you on your holiday as there are actually some benefits to going away:

1. Holidays Improve Your Mood

Everyone has heard the expression ‘fit body means a fit mind’ but did you know that the reverse is true too. Going on holiday can reduce work-related stress and tension which leaves you feeling happier. In turn, you reduce a propensity to have mood swings and your energy levels actually increase. This means that when you return from your exotic retreat, you are raring to go and can put in that extra 10% when training at Xen-Do.

2. Holidays Improve Your Health

I am sure most of you are thinking that if holidays are so good for your health, why isn’t your local GP prescribing British Airways tickets for collection at your nearest chemist. This one can’t be true, right? Well, it is good to be sceptical but you’d be wrong. Studies have suggested that chronic stress puts a lot of strain on your body and results in ill-health. Stressful work/home life balances can quite easily lead to chronic stress and there is a sure-fire way to cure it: a one-way ticket to the Bahamas… Okay perhaps not a one way ticket and it doesn’t need to be as extravagant as the Bahamas but even a short weekend away allows the mind time to refresh itself which gives the body time to repair itself also. Next time you’re debating on whether to go on holiday, just remember, it is doctor’s orders!

3. Holidays Increase Productivity

As we have explained above, holidays are good for your health as well as your energy levels. They refresh the body and the mind meaning that you come back to work with renewed vigour and ideas with enough energy to reach your targets and more. Next time your boss is giving you a hard time because you have booked a two week holiday during a busy period, be sure to let them know that it is actually in their interest to let you go and recuperate on sandy beaches in the blazing sun. I’m sure your boss will thank you for reminding them…

So, once again, a big thank you so those that participated in the competition and kindly sent us their photos and improved their mood, health and productivity by taking Xen-Do on holiday!


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