Young Champions: The Importance of Stance

To all our young champions,

There isn’t a stance more important than another. Each of the four teaches you a skill that is useful whether you’re in the dojo or not. At Xen-Do we teach you to use your voice, to be brave, to be confident and to know that your opinion matters. We want to share our values with all you little champions, to understand that respect and honesty is shown through your actions not just your words. This is what the stances are teaching you!

Be ready! Let’s go through the stances together so we know what Sensei is asking from you when they call you to position.

Attention Stance

The first of four very important stances! Attention Stance is letting your Sensei know that you are in control.

Standing straight, arms by your sides, feet together and chest out!

Attention stance is how we start the class to demonstrate to Sensei you know self-control and discipline.

It’s important to have control over your emotions, body and mind. This will help you in the dojo, at home and at school. You can apply this at any time. It will help avoid fighting with friends or sisters/brothers. When in class, and Sensei is addressing the group or an individual you should stand to position.

It is important to stand with confidence. It shows your Sensei that you believe in yourself. At Xen-Do we believe in kindness, community, achievement and many others that we practice each day. We share those beliefs, we adapt them and hopefully you can apply it to home, school or any situation.

Young ChampionsListening Stance

Next you will need to know Listening Stance. This is crucial to your lesson. This shows Sensei that you understand what you are being told and follow instructions.

Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your back and looking in Sensei’s eyes!

This is important for focus and communication. When speaking with anyone (sensei, parents, teachers or friends) if you are looking in their eyes and engaging then they will know you are really listening.

It is important to focus in class at all times. During basics and combinations, it is important to listen to Sensei in order to learn and get your new belt! Even when playing games, it could be the decider to who gets the final point and wins the game for their team.

Young ChampionsReady Stance

The third stance you need to know is Ready Stance. This is used throughout your class and most importantly before your lesson starts.

Standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands in fists in front of you at waist height.

When entering the dojo, you will stand in front of Sensei in ready stance and say “Ouss yes I can” before going into the dojo and lining up. This relates back to attention stance, having the confidence to be ready for anything and everything.


Young ChampionsFighting Stance

Finally, the last stance is Fighting Stance. Though it is equally as important as the other three. This is the stance you will use to defend yourself, your family and your friends.

Straight back, left foot forward and both hands up in front of your shoulders.

This stance puts you in a position to move quickly should you need to and ready to defend yourself. It allows you turn away from someone without having to spin. This position will help you for balance, it allows you to shift your weight when necessary to always have an advantage. Most importantly, when in fighting stance it is protection, the position of your arms and hands covers and blocks anyone from reaching your face or body. After any combination or basic you are practicing you must always make sure you end in fight stance.

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