Xen-Do’s Mighty Little Champ

Little Champ

We would like to introduce one of Xen-Do’s hardest working Little Champs… Minka!

She has only been training with us since October 2016 and due to hard work and determination is already an orange belt. At the tender age of 5 (and a half Minka has asked us to tell you!), Minka is a very active young lady and has many other interests other than kickboxing (if you can believe it).

She is passionate about swimming, loves to spend her time reading, enjoys scooting from place to place AND practices her “Champion’s Code” in her spare time. Minka is always laughing with her Senseis and her enthusiasm radiates throughout the club. We are proud to have a member as motivated and eager as Minka is. She is a shining example for all to follow.


Team Xen-Do!

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