Xen-Do vs Stress

We have all fallen victim to the monster that is stress at some point. It could be anything in our life that causes it. Whether it is work, home life, or anything that is making you feel slightly unnerved. It can be overwhelming.

It is important to have an outlet in life. When it all gets too much, and you need somewhere or something to clear your mind. I’m sure you’re picturing a serene setting, in the park under a tree allowing you to be alone with your thoughts. It could be on the beach watching the sunrise and while you listen to the waves crashing. As lovely as they sound, and I am sure they are the happy place for most people. They are also very cliché and not always applicable all year round.

When something is on your mind or you’ve had a taxing day then you may just want to go home and cocoon under your duvet. With your only form of interaction with anything being Netflix asking if you are still watching. However, by stepping into the dojo we will do our best to try and relieve it by letting your any built up stress through a sweaty session in one of our classes. What is more relaxing than Sensei shouting at you to snap your kicks…

After a stressful day that you just can’t seem to shake off whatever the reason being. What could be better than getting all the built-up emotions you are harbouring out on a set of pads or beating the bag. Come find us! We will be your new happy place; the door is always open, and you are always welcome!

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