Xen-Do London introduce a new affiliate – Garth Delikan, Personal and Corporate Coach

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Garth DelikanWith Dai Master Raf’s theme for 2015 being ‘Fit for Life’ Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London are pleased to announce that one of the UK’s leading guidance and strategic coaches, Garth Delikan is now a Xen-Do affiliate.

“I know that many Xen-Do students consider our style of Kickboxing and Martial Arts to be central to their lives and in many cases that includes the whole family,” says Dai Master Raf, my aim is provide our students with the support necessary to achieve their aspirations and alongside Louise O’Driscoll, Garth Delikan provides expert opinions and strategic coaching based on personal experience and a string of qualifications including a Diploma in Life Coaching and a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma.”

“Add to that my 2nd Dan Black Belt” says Garth and you have a winning combination equally suited to home, school and corporate environments whether one person or one hundred.”

“What I find really exciting” says Dai Master Raf, ” is how relevant our Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts Champions mindset is to the corporate world at every level from departmental and project teams to the boardroom. In my experience, businesses lose because they do not visualise success and focus enough power on winning actions, this means energy is wasted and the team adopt safe strategies ‘in case’!”

“Xen-Do London and Garth Delikan are a world class combination,” continues Garth, we aim significantly to improve corporate performance by tackling business issues three dimensionally: first to visualise the competitive environment, asses the opposition and choose a winning approach, second to train and motivate the team through the champions eyes and mindset and third to prepare and launch a powerful delivery that counts!”

Stay tuned to Xen-Do London to find out more about the ways in which Garth Delikan and Xen-Do can help you either individually or corporately.

For further information contact or Garth on 01932 569626.

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