What to expect from 2020?!

It’s the start of a new decade so let’s make big plans happen this year! We already have the cogs in motion and are preparing ourselves to share exciting news for 2020 but soon all will be revealed.

·    We will forever be looking to expand, spreading the Xen-Do community as far as we can and won’t stop until we are on every corner. We will be keeping an eye out for new locations and finding the perfect place to put a dojo.

·    We also plan to get more involved with Mugendo, hopefully bringing more competitions to the UK as well as Spain and gives a chance to meet equally great instructors. We are planning big things for April as we are hoping to organise a competition here in London. Let’s bring the fun we have at the Spanish Open to all our students here at Xen-Do. The weather may not be as good, but the opportunity is just as amazing!

·    We will be introducing a new style uniform to keep our look fresh and updated (plus always check out our online shop for the best deals and promo codes). We want to move away from the traditional look and move the martial arts uniform into this new decade.

And so, 2019 was brilliant, eventful and cannot be repeated so let’s make 2020 better, we are in an incredible position with an amazing team behind so let’s smash it!

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