Top Tips For Improving Your Martial Arts

When it comes to martial arts we are constantly trying to better ourselves and here at Xen-Do we promote this with our fast ascension through the belts. However, here are a few extra tips to help you improve even faster and be the best in the class.

Pay Attention
This might sound a bit obvious but you’d be surprised what little details you may miss. Take it slowly to learn quickly. Listen carefully to every detail of training and go through it slowly. Once you have the technique completely right, you’ll find how much easier it is to then add power and speed.

Obviously, when you’re exercising regularly, your diet is very important. A true martial artist has a healthy mix of complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats to ensure that they can perform at the maximum capacity. More often than not people may find that although their head is in the game, it’s their diet that’s holding them back.

A Little Extra
A little extra stretching every morning can really help with your overall growth as a martial artist. Your flexibility plays a major role in your ability to succeed in martial arts. Taking 5 to 10 minutes every morning to get in a good stretch not only improves your flexibility for martial arts but it also functions as a great start for your day.

Iron Out the Creases
The best way to really perfect your skills as a martial artist is through some one on one sessions. It is here when an expert can really pick apart your skills and technique, allowing them to perfect your skills and iron out any creases. You’ll be surprised how quickly just one of these sessions can benefit your martial arts.

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