Tier 3 Announcement

Tier 3

Xen-Do remains open through Tier 3, offering private classes and ‘bubble’ classes with members of the same household.

All procedures remain in place to keep the dojos Covid compliant, ensuring the safety of our students and instructors. We understand these are uncertain times and we are committed to taking all measures to support and keep up the great progress being made by our students.

With the new announcement we would like to let you know the following updates:

  • Kids classes (under 18s) will remain unchanged, you are welcome to book in and attend your group class as normal;
  • For members currently on a Basic memberships for group classes we don’t want you to miss out, we are therefore, offering any basic 1, 2, 3 or unlimited memberships,  2 group classes can be exchanged for a 45 minute private class;
  • If you would like to train more often, ask your Sensei about our add-on bundles for extra classes at a discounted rate;
  • Membership payments will continue as we are facilitating your classes and want you to keep fighting fit! Rest assured, no classes will be lost from this situation, but if you do have any membership queries do not hesitate to contact;
  • Personal and Private memberships will continue as usual, please make sure you book in as normal;
  • Park classes have been a great success and we will continue for anyone who would like to train outside. To book in for a class or for more information please call 079 0219 4909;
  • Online classes still available on our Virtual Training website so there is no excuse not to have a summer body in the winter!;
  • Family members and social bubbles are of course welcome to come and train together at the dojo;
  • A quick update on gradings: belts up to green belt are welcome to grade in your class as long as you keep up the great work training and achieve the appropriate level – this does not have to be limited to the dojo, you can get your belt from our park classes too!

Make sure to keep us involved by posting on social media and tagging us in photos/videos, we love seeing you all train and moving towards your next belt!

Team Xen-Do

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