Think Safe

Take a few minutes with your family to remind them that prevention is better than cure when it comes to self-defence so use Xen-Do’s ‘Anticipate – Avoid – Act’ system to stay safe:

ANTICIPATE situations such as which route you will take and how best to travel, which taxi company can you trust and don’t use your phone on the street. Stay alert and always be on guard, especially when you are alone, under the influence or you feel uncomfortable in any way.

AVOID putting yourself at risk:
• Park cars in a lit area near the exit and have your keys ready.
• Use a taxi company that sends a confirmation of the vehicle reg and ensure you are getting into the correct vehicle.
• Walk on the ‘safe side of the street’ in an alert and purposeful manner, cross the road to avoid groups who might be looking for trouble.

ACT quickly by using voice or stance to control the situation and deflect the ‘attacker’ use the time you have gained to escape or call the police.

These simple techniques are well proven and easy to use!


Dai Master Raf

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