Shredded For Summer

The summer sun still blesses England and with this blessing comes the desire for summer getaways, beach events, and Sunday sunbathing. Today we’ll be going through our top tips of how to get fit and shredded for the summer sun.

1. High Protein, Low Fat. It’s the classic meal plan of getting those high protein foods in while keeping out fats. That means substituting pork and beef for chicken as well as cutting down those hefty carbs and greasy meals.

2. Train. Train. Train. You all know by now that you burn around 1000 calories every one hour session with us at Xen-Do, so turn up train, sleep, come back the next day. The ultimate way you’re going to get fit and shredded is through a full body, high intensity workout. If you hit a Xen-Do class five days a week then you could probably get away with eating whatever you want. But if you just focus on your diet and skip the exercise then you aren’t going to progress nearly as far as you want.

3. Rest. You’re exercising, your eating healthy, you need something easy. Get a lot of rest, try getting to bed an hour earlier. Your body and your muscles need to rest in order to grow. The more rest you get, the more intense your workout will be the next day.

3. Enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to let yourself see and experience your progress. Make the most of your healthy mind and body and have fun. Seeing your progress will push you to pursue further success and give your motivation next time you’re in the Dojo.

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