Sensei Focus: Nathan

Sensei Focus

Let us find out a little more about Sensei Nathan. We know he joined Xen-Do in March 2018 after coming for a lesson with Dai Master Rafael at Baker Street and loved it! Though he is a stickler for detail when it comes to technique, he also loves to have a joke with Senseis and students.

Growing up Nathan was always surrounded by friends or family so being able to go to the gym for some alone time was therapeutic for him. It gave him a release to be able to clear his head, this started his love for exercise. Nathan took this one step further, in 2015 he started entering in body building competitions. He enjoyed focusing his body and making it into something he could show.

The hard work clearly paid off as over the 2 years Nathan competed as a body builder, he attended 4 shows and brought home 4 trophies.

This year Nathan will be adding to his trophy collections as for the first time he heads to Barcelona with the Xen-Do team competing in the over 90 kg category. We have complete faith that he will be brilliant and bring home the gold.

As well as body building Sensei Nathan has been a personal trainer since 2014. He has always enjoyed motivating and guiding people when exercising. He feels it is important for people to know how to exercise properly as it can lead to injury or be detrimental to your health in the long term if not done correctly.

To divulge a little into who Nathan is when he is away from the dojo. In August last year Xen-Do was able to congratulate Nathan as he tied the knot to his long-term girlfriend and proudly made her his wife. The couple also share a daughter who they welcomed into the world back in 2017. Sensei Nathan believes in healthy living, this is why he keeps to a routine of training everyday either at Xen-do or the gym on his day off and eats only a plant-based diet.

Fun Fact: Nathan applied to audition as a dancer on MTV when he was 10 years old. On the day he couldn’t audition as he got stage fright and therefore never received the part. Did Sensei Nathan miss out on his dancing career?

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