Sensei Focus: Meet Sensei Paul

Meet Sensei Paul

Many of you or you have been taught by Sensei Paul at either our Baker Street or Seymour dojo in Central London.

He first found Xen-Do after taking an introductory lesson with Sensei Nicolas in 2013 at the Camden dojo. He loved it, joined as a member, and spent the next 3 years training as hard as he could. As we know, hard work pays off here at Xen-Do and he achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt in 2018. It was 2015, however, that was a turning point for him. Life changing events happened that year for Sensei Paul.He became a husband, he became a dad, he moved house and, he went from being a Xen-Do student to a Xen-Do instructor. Martial Arts has always been a passion for Sensei Paul but before Xen-Do he had only dipped his toe into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but never tried anything quite like Xen-Do Martial Arts.

“The key to succeeding at Xen-Do is staying calm amidst the madness, count loudly and leave your ego at the door”

Apart from perfecting his spinning kicks and doing some serious planks, Sensei Paul has many hobbies! He has another passion which some of you may know if you have read his bio…a love for food. From his teenage years, Sensei Paul has always been working in a kitchen, starting as a commis chef and working his way through the ranks to spend 5 years as a head chef. Cooking comes naturally to him after growing up around the hospitality industry. Besides martial arts and cooking, he has one more thing to add to a long list of interests…travel. His sense of adventure can’t be tamed and has led him through most of Europe, Maldives, Indonesia, Cambodia, Dominican Republic and many more.

As a family man, Sensei Paul would recommend children coming to learn Martial Arts at Xen-Do. He believes it is important that kids are made aware of and should know self defence and live an active lifestyle. Our Little & Junior Champ classes give children an opportunity to make friends with other children outside of their home or school life.

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