Road to Barcelona 2019

Road to Barcelona

Road to Barcelona 2019

It’s that time again, the highlight in all of our Sensei’s calendars, as this weekend our Xen-Do team will be heading to compete in the Spanish Open 2019.

We will be following 10 instructors to Barcelona to support them as they do their best and have a great time, like their fellow team mates before them. Everyday our instructors train together to keep the high standard that they give in lessons and perfect their own technique under the guidance of Dai Master Rafael Nieto. Our motto ‘a black belt is a white belt that never stopped training’ applies to everyone. Our instructors are always striving to be the best and together as a team they train with the best.

It is not just physical training that the instructors have to do to be ready for the tournament, it’s the psychological warfare they go through dieting, preparing and conditioning themselves for Barcelona. Our instructors are in the dojo everyday giving it their all, but it is nerve wracking for any fighter as they step into the ring wanting to bring home the gold. What makes Xen-Do special when they go to the tournaments is the huge support system that they have, from the cheering fans, to their students back in London patiently waiting for the results.

This year will be a new experience for many different reasons; it will be the first time competing in the Spanish Open for many of our instructors while others will be stepping up to fight a full contact. This is also a very exciting year for us as this is the first time in Xen-Do history that we will have women competing in the tournament! Sensei Karla will be stepping up to the full contact under 55KG fight and Sensei Lauren will be fighting in the light continuous under 55KG category to showcase her incredible technique and skill.

Here are the categories for each Sensei:

Full Contact
Karla Aranas – Under 55kg
Szabolcs Ferenc Balogh – Under 70kg
Patryk Fic – Under 75kg
Nathan Richardson – Over 90kg

Light Continuous
Lauren Butcher – Under 55kg
Julien Antoine – Under 65kg
Shervin Sepanji – Under 70kg
Conor Zhou – Under 70kg
Paul Jones – Under 75kg
Joe Watkins– Under 70kg

You can find videos of the previous fights through the years on our social media and YouTube channels. Follow us on our Instagram page @xendomartialarts and Facebook page @XenDoMartialArts to stay up to date while we’re in Barcelona!


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