Outliers – The Story Of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell
by Malcolm Gladwell

Canadian award winning writer Malcolm Gladwell’s insightful book is a fascinating study at what makes the “exceptional” people in our world, whether they be in the arenas of sport / business / music (or almost anything for that matter) do so extraordinarily well.

I found the book both inspirational & dare I say empowering to read, this is down to a combination of Gladwell’s clear passion for the subject & his Sherlock Holmes like forensic presentation of the statistics behind the facts – it’s hard not to be enthralled by his persuasions.

Whilst he acknowledges that there is little doubt that a combination of sociological / cultural / circumstance & actual “luck” are all vital ingredients in the mix, the beautifully articulated & scientifically validated premise is that it is largely a cocktail of three attributes that lead people to truly excel: consistent & many hours of perfect practice.

These factors, he argues, more than any other prove to be rocket fuel that catapults those from the crowds of mediocrity towards the heady stars of excellence.

As Dai Master Rafael Nieto always says in his classes:

“It’s not how much you do but how well you do it – rubbish is still rubbish even if it’s done quickly!”

If you ever doubted the gravitas of his words before, you can’t fail to really appreciate this perfect & harmonious logical advice from our mercurial Master once you’ve read the book!

Sensei Stefano

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