May’s Champion Theme: What Is The Truth?

May’s Champion Theme

May’s Champion Theme: Only you really know if you’re speaking the truth. Especially if you have that sincere look on your face while you’re lying! But there can be unexpected problems when you don’t tell the truth. The first is, you have to have a good memory. You have to remember the lie you told, so you can repeat it accurately the next time, otherwise, you’ll be found out. Which only produces further problems. Because once people know that you don’t tell the truth, they won’t believe anything you say. That’s the way to lose the friends who really matter.

Great friends are true to themselves and true to each other. There is nothing stronger than the bond of friendship founded on trust. You can achieve anything when you have relationships like that. Because you know you can rely on your truthful friends, and they know they can rely on you. It builds the greatest teams and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Always tell the truth.

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