Looking Good, Feelin’ Good!

Xen-Do have introduced new bags

As many of you would have seen Xen-Do have introduced new bags! They are everything we needed the old bags to be, bigger, easier to carry and waterproof. Plus, they look very good!

“We have created a bag ergonomically designed specifically for your kit. You can fit all your essential fighting gear neatly into the central pocket. Separate dirty clothes in the zipped end-cap compartment and organise your essentials in the interior mesh pocket. Carry it using the detachable ergonomic shoulder straps or grab the padded handles when you hit the dojo.”

We designed these bags with our students in mind, many of you come straight from work or school. It can be a strain carrying everything squished into the shoulder bag that’s bursting at the seams and getting trapped in the crowd of a busy underground train, that includes the big bags. This new design is perfect for all your kit including the sparring gear. It’s waterproof should you get caught in the rain on the way to the dojo, it can be used as a holdall or a backpack, whichever you find the most convenient.

Wearing the new bag you’ll be comfortable, stylish and most importantly you represent the Xen-Do team!

Why not head to the Xen-Do shop today to get your bag!

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