Let the gradings begin!!



It’s that time again! We have all been training hard and learning our combinations so that we are ready for grading. This week anybody grading for Yellow/White up to Green/White belt can go that one step higher on the ladder to achieve black by getting their new belt.

Set yourselves a goal, make every class, use your voucher for a personal if you have it left to use and see if you can get your next belt before the new year! As many of you know our motto is a black belt is a white belt that never stopped training.


And be sure to know your basics and combinations that you have been practicing in your lessons.

As Master Raf says:

“That is why I always practice your basics with you because it is the simple things that are going to work. Everything else is what? Show business to make you look pretty … pretty fantastic!”

If you haven’t registered already for the grading, then be sure to go into the dojo and speak with your sensei before the class to let the fun begin! The belt is then awarded to you at the end of your lesson once you have passed.

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