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Keep In Touch With Xen-Do

Dear Students,

We would like to start by saying it is great to be back!! We have missed seeing you all in the dojo and it was amazing to have so many of you booking in as soon as we received the green light to open. You all have brought back the same buzzing energy and enthusiasm to progress and train hard as before which has been brilliant to see.

It is admirable to know how resilient we all are. Following government guidelines with a huge amount of uncertainty hanging over us all we closed the doors, and yet here we are, over a year later with 4 dojos in Central London, full of keen students still kicking ass and gaining belts. It shows that dedication is not materialistic – you all had a variety of alternative ways to train; through weekly live Zoom classes, 60+ pre-recorded ‘On Demand’ videos and 1:1 park lesson, throughout London spreading Xen-Do from Mill-Hill to Battersea Park – and you took full advantage!

We’re extremely grateful to have your support and dedication through each and every change or challenge this year has thrown at us.

Bank holiday update

On Monday, May 3rd all dojos will be closed, except for Baker Street, which will be open from 11am to 5pm for personals/privates only. All members are welcome to book in at Baker Street on this day, regardless of your usual dojo! Call to book in on 0207 487 3807 or email Baker Street. Little Champ, Junior Champ and Teenagers classes will be cancelled for Monday.

Booking your classes

Continue to book your children in using our Online Booking System. To log in, please remember that it is the parent/guardian’s surname and date of birth. Adult group classes have been suspended on the booking system until May 17th when we can begin group classes again.

All personal and private classes (included converted 45-minute personals) are to be booked in by calling or emailing the dojo directly. If you have any issues with the booking system, please contact us directly.

Teenager classes (Marylebone students only)

Marylebone Teenagers – please be aware that your class on Sunday has been changed to 1pm. You can find the updated timetable on our website.

Grading calendar

We know you are all very excited to grade for your next belt, so stay tuned! We will be uploading the grading calendar for all belts, including senior grading dates in the coming weeks so be sure to book in for your classes and prepare your basics and combinations in the meantime!

Have a great bank holiday weekend all!

Team Xen-Do

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