Join Dai Master Raf in a trip to Barcelona, Spain in June

Barcelona Bound

Join Dai Master Raf in Spain on 26th and 27th June 2015.

This is a great opportunity for Xen-Do students of all grades to join Dai Master Raf and Team Xen-Do Senseis in a memorable trip to Barcelona.

The trip is centred on the Spanish Open Tournament in which Team Xen-Do Senseis will be participating.

Dai Master Raf will also be holding two special courses on 26th June which students may choose to join in, details are as follows:

1st. Course
From 17.00 to 19.00 covers technical sparring and basic skills, cost 70 euro’s.

2nd Course
From 19.15 to 21.15 covers padding and advanced sparring, cost 100 euro’s.

The programme is entirely flexible. Please note that students are responsible for arranging their own flight and accommodation and we suggest you so this as soon as possible due to the hotel becoming very busy. Try the following Hotel:


For further information please contact Dai Master Raf – especially if you would like to attend either course as these will be very popular.

Course fees and entry to the tournament (c. 10 euro’s) are payable directly in Spain.

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