John Farley’s story

Here at Xen-Do our motto is fit for life. Through this we try to promote a holistic, long term healthy life style for our students, rather than just creating another fitness fad to get you in shape for your holiday.

Our Senseis carefully tailor and shape each class to ensure you stay motivated and inspired on your martial arts journey. We hope that your ever-presence on the dojo and permanent smiles during classes tell us that we are doing a good job but we also love to hear the kind words you send to us, no matter whether from senior grades or the little champs.

We were recently contacted by one of our long time students, John Farley, who had some interesting and complimentary words for us:

My introduction to Xen Do was bringing my kids to their first lesson at Baker Street. I was really impressed with the whole system: the discipline shown by the young children was excellent to see and mine loved it. But what really caught my eye were the adults training in the background. I just knew I had to try it. I was hooked even before I signed up, now a year and a half later I feel completely different; my confidence is high and my stress levels are low. It’s awesome, thank you!

My own reasons for sticking with it is for the sense of achievement you feel, to hopefully gain a black belt would be awesome. The Sensei’s are great and there are no massive egos. I’ve always been into my fitness but have been prone to injuries when running or weight training etc. – Martial Arts and more specifically the brand of kickboxing taught at Xen-Do is far better suited for my needs.

We were also thrilled to hear that his children were just as enthusiastic. When asked why they enjoy Xen-Do, they exclaimed, “because it’s fun and it keeps us fit!”

You’ve hit the nail on the head there, kids!

Thank you to John and the family for the kind words. See you soon on the dojo.


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