International Women’s Day Inspiration: Part Two

International Women’s Day

The hashtag for International Women’s Day 2018 is #pressforprogress! We want to take this opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of some of our club members as they progress through their training at Xen-Do.

Virma (left-hand side) and Silvia (right-hand side) both began training at Xen-Do Martial Arts at our Golders Green dojo in August of 2017. We had a chat with them right after they graded for their Red-White belt!

How has training changed for you from when you began to where you are now?

VIRMA: Before I thought, “Oh I can’t do this!” But I tried my best! I am more confident, more confident now than before.

SILVIA: Kickboxing has made me feel a lot stronger, not just physically but mentally as well. And it makes me feel a lot more able, and especially as a woman, you face lots of pressures in life… it’s made me feel a lot more confident just generally. I’m really pleased with myself!

You’ve both been so dedicated in your training! Are you this committed to everything you do?

VIRMA: If I decide to change something, I do it! I am really into it. Even though it’s hard, I’m really trying my best, doing my best to go on top!

How far do you want to take your progress at Xen-Do?

SILVIA: I want to take it right to black belt! I’ve gone this far, I’m not going to stop!

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