How to Stay Safe!

How to Stay Safe

Let’s take a step back for a minute, forget belts and which Sensei takes your class, instead focus on the reason some of you joined Xen-Do in the first place. Self-defence!

Most people love Xen-Do (for the obvious reasons) but also for the fact it’s giving you a skill in order to protect yourself should you ever need to – hopefully you never will. Though spinning kicks are beautiful and very impressive it is unlikely that you’d use it should you ever be in the situation where you would need to, more likely however, a side kick to somebodies knee could be shattering or a front punch to the throat would help more in those kind of circumstances.

When people think of self-defence the first thing people tend to think of is ‘how do I fight back against my attacker?!’ Before it even gets to this point you are forgetting a very important step. Prevention. We want to make sure our members are using Xen-Do’s ‘Anticipate-Avoid-Act’ system to staying safe:

ANTICIPATE – forward thinking and planning can stop a dangerous situation before it’s started. Plan situations such as which route you will take and how best to travel, which taxi company can you trust and am I getting in the correct Uber. If you are walking along the street don’t be looking down using your phone and don’t have your earphones so loud you can’t hear your surroundings. Make sure you are staying alert and always be on guard, especially when you are alone, under the influence or you feel uncomfortable in any way.

AVOID – Don’t put yourself at risk. This seems like an obvious statement as nobody chooses to walk into the lion’s den but it’s the everyday things that nobody tends to think of: –

  • Park your car in a lit-up area near the exit and have your keys ready.
  • Use a taxi company that sends a confirmation of the vehicle reg and ensure you are getting into the correct vehicle.
  • Walk on the ‘safe side of the street’ in an alert and purposeful manner, cross the road to avoid groups who might be looking for trouble.
  • If you own a smart phone use the location setting. This allows you to send your location to a friend or loved one if you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. They can see where you are and if you move.

ACT – Don’t hesitate! Act quickly by using voice or stance to control the situation and deflect the ‘attacker’. Use the time you have gained to escape or call the police. If they have hold of you, attack the eyes, nose and throat. When kicking, aim low, groin, knees and shins.
These simple techniques are well proven and easy to use!

We hope all our members stay safe and remember Xen-Do isn’t a belt, it’s a life choice.

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