How to Stay Motivated When Training at Home


Coronavirus has impacted our lives in every way, from our freedom of movement to the way we work. It’s safe to say that our lives have changed significantly. There are so many aspects of a global pandemic to worry about, and we truly hope that keeping motivated to train is your biggest stress right now.

Some of us are struggling to find a new normal and maintain a regular training routine without the fear of your Sensei making you do extra pushups keeping us motivated. It is completely understandable for your enthusiasm for training to fall during this time, but keeping up your fitness will have huge benefits for both your body and mind – and will get you ready to get back into the dojo the second it is safe to do so.

If you’re struggling to get yourself moving, whether that be training on our new virtual training site, yoga in the park, or even a quick padding session with your at home training partner, here are a few of our top to help you stay motivated:

Release all of your expectations.

There’s undoubtedly a shadow cast over everything we do (and can’t do) right now amid this global pandemic. This change in the way we are living has caused some of us to get into a rut, put on a few pounds, or lose all sense of feeling fit. So, before you start training release all of your expectations of what your body felt like before the lockdown began and focus on what you are able to do at this moment. Start slow, ease into your training, and enjoy the progress back to feeling your best. Instead of struggling through 20 low quality roundhouse kicks, try shifting your focus back to perfecting your basics. Instead, do 5 or 6 roundhouse kicks, but full of purpose and exactly how you were taught when you first started training. This is the time to start fresh and rid yourself of all your bad habits.

Find a dedicated training space.

Pick an area in your home and use it as your area for training, whether that’s the living room floor, the patio, or a section of your local park. Having this area that you go to each time you train will help bring your body and mind back into the rhythm of a routine. Make your space your own little dojo – prepped with a bottle of water, your boots and gloves and whatever else you need to get going! Remember to always clear the area and make sure you have enough space for your spinning kicks! On of our very own students, Tia, combined her training space and partner with this awesome DIY bag!


Find your why. 

It is extremely hard to motivate yourself to move your body if you don’t have a reason for doing so. Try taking a moment to find your reason for training. Is it so you can get back to sparring with Sensei Nathan, boost your mood, work towards your next belt, clear your mind or just to feel like you’ve accomplished something? For our Senseis, their why is you – our students are the driving force of our motivation to stay fit, strong, and healthy.

Grab a partner.

If you are missing the community environment of the dojo, but don’t live with someone who is a Xen-Do goer…today’s your day to get them hooked! Go slow with your new training partner, don’t start with a sparring session – try showing them how to do ‘cover, cover, duck, duck’ and go from there! Having someone to train with at home, in the park or wherever you are managing is a great way to keep your motivations up and share in the excitement of a Xen-Do class!

Of course, it goes without saying that it is essential to listen to your body and rest when necessary. If you’re not feeling a Xen-Do training session today then be gentle with yourself and try again tomorrow or try to go for a short walk instead! Times are tough, but we can assure you keeping fit and healthy will help your body and mind get through this.

Ouss & stay safe!

Team Xen-Do

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