Climb Black-Belt Mountain in just 12 months

When you stand at the foot of Mount Everest and look up, you fantasize about climbing to the summit – but at 8,848 meters (just under 5.5 miles), you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just too far away to be a reality. Yet plenty of climbers have managed it. They will tell you that the summit is the dream, but the target is always the next camp. In other words, you can only get to the summit by reaching each camp in turn.

So it is with the Xen-Do Black Belt. When you get your Yellow Belts, it already means you’ve achieved a certain standard. You’ve reached Base Camp. You’re on the journey, and the Orange Belts are now in your sights. So it is that you progress through Red, Green, Brown and Black. You do it in stages, just like climbing Everest.

Base Camp Yellow (with white stripe)
Icefall Orange (with white stripe)
Camp 1, Valley of Silence Red (with white stripe)
Camp 2 Green (with white stripe)
Camp 3, Lhotse Blue (with white stripe)
Camp 4, the Deathzone Brown
Summit Black

Now you can join the fast-track program to become a black belt in just 12 months. We’ll be your Sherpa guide to the top, as you focus on the basic and intermediate levels for the first 6 months, a further 4 months on the higher senior grades, and the last 2 months perfecting everything until it all becomes second nature. Quite a climb!

When you finally put on that black belt after 12 months, you’ll look down from the summit and wonder how you got there! You’ll feel fitter, more flexible, and more confident. The only qualifications you need are to want it badly and to believe in yourself. Leave the rest to us; we’ll give you a year you’ll never forget.

This course is open to beginners and all grades. Existing students can contact their instructor for more information and to register.

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