Becoming a Londoner

Becoming a Londoner can be daunting for anyone; coming out of your comfort zone and being away from home is a big step, no matter who you are.

You might be globe-trotting and landed yourself in London or you have just finished a 3-year degree and now you are settling in to the busy lifestyle that London brings. You might just be a country bumpkin leaving the village life to embrace the ‘big smoke’, whatever the reason is, we are all in the same boat.

London is a beautiful city, rich with history and hidden treasures. It has the capacity to make your favourite memories and gives you the opportunity to turn strangers into life long friends. You come to London with big dreams and excitement for the future in this old city.

Here at Xen-Do we welcome everyone from all over the world and our door is always open. We pride ourselves on being a community, getting to know each other as we bond over learning a skill. We recognise that though it can be exciting to start a new adventure, it can also be lonely and that is why we not only want you to train with us, we want to be a comfort for you. When a packed tube, a new job or a slow social life grates on you; we want Xen-Do to be that release!

We want to be a home away from home for many different reasons; you can vent your day on the pads or turn your Sensei into a friend by sharing about your day with them. With such an intense workout we help you forget whatever is bothering you and give you the energy boost to put a stressful day behind you. So why wait! Come find us in Central London, and we will be ready to welcome you at the door.

We look forward to meeting you!


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