7 Tips on How to Get Back to Training After a Summer of FUN!

Back to Training After a Summer
Back to Training After a Summer

So we all know summer comes with traveling plans, barbecues, drinking, sunbathing and an endless bucket list of things you have to get done before the autumn comes around, but we all seem to forget about those pesky workout goals and bikini body ideas we had in our head at the beginning of the summer.

Here are a few tips to get back into the groove of working out and back to those fitness goals.

1. Reset Your Attitude

With summer ending, it is normal to feel down and dread the day to day routine of work, school and a healthy lifestyle compared to your exciting summer schedules. But before you launch into a series of excuses for skipping a training session remember why you started and reset your attitude. Enjoy the journey of getting back into shape and relearning your combinations and pairs. It might seem impossible at first but before you know it you will be right back on track to your goals and that new belt!

2. Get Personal

Do you need some ‘one on one’ attention to get your muscles moving and motivation back? Ask your Sensei for some information about personal classes. Sometimes it can feel like you are falling behind your peers, but all you might need is some extra help to get back in the groove of things!

3. Re-Evaluate Your Goals

The start of summer has endless opportunities for reaching your workout goals but do not get discouraged if you have not met them just yet. It seems that there were much better things to do than a workout during the hot summer days, but now it’s time to bunker down and get back to your goals. Swap your goals from “bikini body” to strong and healthy. Feeling energized and motivated is the key to successful training and that should be your goal. Recreate your goals to something attainable and your motivations will continue to improve.

4. Make Time

Between full-time jobs, family obligations and summer fun it’s easy to let your fitness take a back burner. Re-frame your training time positively and view it as an opportunity to be present and treat yourself to something beneficial. Remember how amazing you feel when a class is over, refreshed and energised, time well spent.

5. Grab a Partner

Bring someone new with you to class. The first one is free at Xen-Do Martial Arts, with no further obligations, so they have no excuse not to come! Having a workout buddy to walk into Xen-Do could be just the inspiration that you need.

6. Get Focused on Nutrition

You are what you eat. The summer is filled with cocktails, sugary food, late night snacks, beer and everything in between. It’s now time to get back to focusing on your food intake. This is a great way to jumpstart your goals and get back into the routine of a healthy lifestyle.

7. Have FUN!

Training should be fun. This doesn’t mean it won’t be hard, or that some days you don’t just want to lie under the duvet all day, but in the end, you should love what you’re doing. Xen-Do is a great place to start, with fun and exciting classes throughout the day and into the evenings, there are no excuses why you can’t get back to your fitness routines.

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