5 Benefits of Taking a Kick Boxing Class

Stress Relief: One of the best ways to get the day’s frustration out of your system and improve mental clarity is to take a kickboxing class. Xen-Do’s intensely physical classes will release endorphins and help focus your stress. Having an outlet for your stress is very important for your mental health (and everyone around you). Everything from punching the bag, to endless amounts of push-ups, to finishing out a class with stretching-make Xen-Do your outlet and relieve that stress.

Learn to Defend yourself: Kickboxing is great for general self-defence. Your improvement in strength and coordination allows you to be confident and is extremely empowering. We teach each class with an emphasis on why you’re learning each move and what each move could be used for in a real life situation. Having the ability and the knowledge to protect yourself is a valuable asset in today’s world. 

Increased Flexibility: The constant movement of a kickboxing class, especially here at Xen-Do, improves overall flexibility and reflexes. Our curriculum focuses an enormous amount on your muscle flexibility, allowing you to be the best martial artist you can be. Having flexibility not only betters your ability to kick and punch, but flexibility will keep you feeling young, powerful and mobile.

Tone Your Body and Melt Fat: Kickboxing tones your entire body through each technique, kick and punch. Kickboxing is a high energy, fierce cardio workout that is guaranteed to keep your heart pumping and burn calories – FAST. In each class you will be taught how to properly strengthen your core with efficient strengthening exercises. Not only will your core be sore in the morning, Xen-Do forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body. The intensity of a kickboxing class means you will see improvements and results quickly.

It’s Fun:  It’s that simple; taking a kickboxing class here at Xen-Do is a sure way to put a smile on your face. That being said… Come try one out today!

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