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With everything that has gone on this year it highlights the importance exercise has on our physical and mental health. As we wait for our dojos get back to the new normal, we are doing all we can at Xen-Do in order to train and catch up on our fitness programmes to get back to full force while adhering to government guidelines. This section of our website will have all the useful information you need to know regarding what we are doing to keep our instructors and students safe.

To keep everyone fighting fit while away from the dojo we have introduced Park Training. This has been great way to keep connected and continue your progress from the dojo throughout this period. Park Classes are discounted private classes throughout London, booked in by contacted info@xen-do.com or calling 07902 194 909 and start your training today.

It will be the same of your regular classes including pad work, basics and combinations, and we will even be going ahead with gradings. Whether you are already a member, or this is your first time trying out with Xen-Do, everyone is welcome in the park.

We have also introduced Online Training, these are virtual lessons that simulate your dojo classes. With the monthly subscription you are able to access all the videos and train as regularly as you wish. You can keep up your training with the luxury of being taught by all of our Senseis from the comfort of your own home.

It has brilliant to see so much enthusiasm and so many of you outdoors and online already. Why not try for your first class whether it in the park or on screen too.

Reduced class capacity & timetable change:

We are opening our dojos with a reduced class capacity and minimizing congestion in reception spaces, to maintain social distancing guidelines. We will be extending our opening hours to ensure you are all able to continue to train even with the new class capacity.


Regarding the dojo, we have amended our dojo etiquette, as well we are opening our dojos with reduced class capacity and minimising congestion in reception spaces, to maintain social distancing guidelines. We’re happy to announce our new online booking system so we are able to maintain our strict class capacity limits and keep you safe! It is vital that everyone pre-book group classes. This can be done by logging on here or calling your dojo to book in.

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