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We are commited to the development of young people. We have proved that the Xen-Do Junior and Little Champs Programmes improve young people's physical fitness, focus and attentiveness; this is reflected by improvements in general behaviour, school work and outlook.

The increase in physical and mental agility leads to more confidence, thereby helping young people attain better grades at school, cultivate better relationships with parents/teachers/fellow students and generally have a more positive, focused outlook.

We also teach them important life skills, including Stranger Awareness and Road Safety, enabling them to be more streetwise and secure in their surroundings.

Why choose Xen-Do for your young people?

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We have developed the Little and Junior Champs programmes for young people of all ages, ethnic origin and gender.

It is unlike any other extra-curricular activity, as Martial Arts holds a unique key. It has been proven to increase concentration and focus, which is then reflected in behaviour generally, improving grades at school and relationships with fellow students and peers.

Safe & Fulfilling

Our aim is to give young people confidence, instilling discipline, courtesy and respect, with a good level of fitness and flexibility.

Xen-Do Martial Arts nurtures self-development in a controlled environment, teaching life skills which help identify and deal with potentially dangerous situations: how to deal with bullying, avoid confrontation and seek help when appropriate - becoming ‘street smart'.

Healthy For Mind & Body

Our aim is to improve young people's basic motor skills, as well as their positive mental outlook, whereby young adults can enter society with a confident and enthusiastic personality.

Xen-Do helps overcome shyness and insecurity and reduces the time young people spend in the 'virtual world'.

At Xen-Do experience has proven that confidence will be improved through reward and recognition as new techniques are continuously mastered.

Courtesy and respect are engendered through fair discipline based on clear boundaries.

Testimonial From St.Christiana's School, London.


"Following a very successful trial of Xen-Do at Saint Christina’s School we have decided to offer a regular class to our youngest pupils.

The instructors are extremely friendly and helpful and have excellent rapport with all the children, and indeed the parents, who are more than welcome to stay and watch the classes.

The children really look forward to their weekly lessons, which, while supporting the development of their concentration and listening skills, as well as confidence and fitness, are also great fun!"

N. C-W
Testimonial From Warlingham Specialist School

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your invaluable and continued support during the time Connor has spent with you as part of the extended work experience programme. Connor will be starting his GCSE exams the week beginning 7th May 2012; he is expected to complete his usual placement with you the week prior to this date, this will be his last day/week with you.

Your input has proved to be a very useful insight into the world of work for Connor; something that he will make use of when embarking on his own career path in the future.

We would be extremely appreciative of your support in the future."

Yours sincerely
Dawn Saffery

If you have an enquiry or would like to make a booking please e-mail us at info@xen-do.com or you can reach us by telephone at 020 7487 3807.

With Xen-Do you can leave your child safe in the knowledge that we will look after them. All of our Kickboxing and Martial Arts instructors are:

NB Under 16's please obtain parental permission before posting anything online.

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