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Xen-Do Live Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum 2 students per 1 Sensei.

Yes! Email info@xen-do.com with your preferred time and we will do our best to arrange it.

All memberships are frozen while we continue through lockdown and Tier 4. If you have any queries, contact admin@xen-do.com. We have separate subscriptions to our zoom classes.

Of course, you can purchase any of our gear off of our online shop, once you’ve placed your order, we will contact you to ship your order. Please bear with us with regards to delivery times – due to COVID, shipping may be delayed.

You are able to reschedule your lesson up to 5 hours before, otherwise you may be charged.

Once you’ve subscribed to our zoom classes and scheduled your class, if you proceed to forward your link, you will be blocked from the site and will not be permitted to continue training with us via zoom.

Your remaining zoom classes will be made into credit and the equivalent can be used in the dojo towards classes, uniform or gradings.

Yes, we’re hosting Little Champs (4-6 year old) and Junior Champs (7-12 year old). Please check out our timetable on our booking site. Teenagers are welcome to join our All Grades class!

Of course, you can subscribe to a package, book your class and join today!

Any other queries regarding zoom classes, contact us at info@xen-do.com or call +44790 2194 909. Please be aware dojo etiquette still applies and we withhold the right to ban any student at our discretion for misconduct.

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